Cassini gallery interactive

Cassini interactive

The Cassini interactive was created for the Vision of Saturn exhibition, at the Royal Observatory Greenwich from June–August 2009. Since 2004 the Cassini-Huygens mission has allowed scientists to explore Saturn as never before. The exhibition featured stunning photos from this mission, while the interactive explored the technology behind the spacecraft.

Storyboards were drawn up to agree an approach for the interactive. A Flash prototype was then built, while designs were refined. Final designs were then integrated with the finished Flash application.

Using a touchscreen visitors were able to explore the spacecraft and launch videos, featuring the Royal Observatory’s public astronomer, on a secondary display. An illustrative style was chosen for the design and a simple to explore interface built, allowing visitors of all ages to quickly and easily view the videos.


Royal Observatory, Greenwich


UI design
Project Management


Gallery interactive


June 2009